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【Press Release】Elephantech to Open New Shinkiba R&D Center
Elephantech Inc. is pleased to announce that the company is opening a new R&D center in Shinkiba, Tokyo.
【Press Release】Announcing the Development and Evaluation of Inkjet Processes for Nickel Electrodes and Wiring
we'll continue to expand the variety of metal ink types the company handles to promote further the use and application of inkjet technologies in an ever-growing number of fields, including electronic component manufacturing processes.
【Press Release】Elephantech now Accepting Orders for our Thick Copper Trace P-Flex® Utilizing High-speed Electroless Plating
厚膜 P-Flex® PI
Elephantech Inc. is pleased to announce that, as of September 15, the company has started accepting orders for its Thick Copper Trace P-Flex® utilizing high-speed electroless plating.
【Video】Elephantech CEO presentation
Elephantech CEO presentation
Shinya Shimizu, the CEO of Elephantech, explains Elephantech's mission, technology, and strategy.
【Press Release】Elephantech Announces Appointment of CTO and CFO as Members of the Board
Elephantech is pleased to announce that, as of May 2021, the company has appointed Mr. Junji Takeo CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and Mr. Gosuke Hashimoto CFO (Chief Financial Officer) as Board Directors.
NHK WORLD-JAPAN News Broadcast(Summary)
NHK WORLD-JAPAN News Broadcast(Summary): New Tech Helps Construction Industry
Message from the CEO
Here is a message from our CEO, Shinya Shimizu. He would like to share with you his passionate vision of the kind of company he wants Elephantech to be and the direction the company should take.
NHK WORLD-JAPAN News Broadcast
The contents of an interview the NHK International Broadcasting Station had with us has been broadcast in English on the NHK WORLD-JAPAN News.
The origin of the company name
The new company name "Elephantech" is a combination of "Elephant" and "Technology".