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“(Development Example) Multi-Functional IMPC® Sample” Page is now available!
IMPC® 複合機能サンプル
Introduction of Multi-Functional IMPC® Sample. IMPC integrates parts, functions, and design to achieve thinner products, fewer parts, lighter weight, and reduced assembly man-hours.
“(Development Example) IMPC® Microwell Plate with Electrochemical Sensor” Page is now available!
The IMPC® Microwell Plate with Electrochemical Sensor is a medical sampling device with a fully integrated P-Flex® electrochemical sensor.
P-Flex®Flex PCB mounted with a QFP
実装 フレキシブル基板 ポリイミド
This mounted sample circuit board (polyimide substrate) is formed in a pattern that allows the mounting of a 0.5mm Pitch QFP, enabling connections to FPC Connectors and making it suitable for use in a flexible variety of use cases.
【Press Release】Nisshinbo Mechatronics and Elephantech Agree to Develop Molded Parts for ADAS Vehicles Using IMPC® Technology
Nisshinbo Mechatronics and Elephantech Agree to Develop Molded Parts for ADAS Vehicles Using IMPC® Technology
About the IMPC® (In-Mold Printed Circuit)
Wi-Fi Antenna
By integrating the resin and the circuitry, the design can be optimized over a wider area, resulting in various advantages such as weight, thickness and cost reductions.
“Latest innovations and techniques using IMPC®” page is now available.
At the IMPC LAB, our aim is to contribute to humanity and society by reinventing manufacturing through the use of next generation IME (In-Mold Electronics) technologies.
Biosensor:Launch of the Additive Manufacturing Center (3)
This is an article about biosensors. Elephantech's 3-pole electrochemical sensor was tested for performance by connecting it to a DropSens potentiostat and found to be fully functional, etc.
Launch of the Additive Manufacturing Center (2)
Ag/AgCl 電気化学センサー
I'd like to follow up on my last post by mentioning that I noticed some key words that keep popping up in the research done by explorers who keep hacking home printers and trying different things!That key word is biosensors.
【Ink Discharge Evaluation Service blog : 3】Introducing the Personnel Behind Elephantech’s Inkjet Technology
How does the ink get discharged from the inkjet head? What kind of waveform will allow the ink to be discharged in a clean and efficient manner? If any such question arises, please feel free to contact me.
Launch of the Additive Manufacturing Center (1)
We established the Additive Manufacturing Center (“AMC”) in April of 2020 and, having in June welcomed Mr Kawamoto on loan from Mitsui Chemicals as the center’s director, we’re all set to start operations.
【Ink Discharge Evaluation Service blog : 2】Video presentation of Epson’s inkjet machine for R&D purposes.
Here is an overview of Epson’s inkjet machine for R&D purposes used for our Ink Discharge Evaluation Service.
【Ink Discharge Evaluation Service blog : 1】Inkjet characteristics and evaluation
Announcing Launch of Ink Discharge Evaluation Service
Elephantech has launched an inkjet characteristics evaluation service using Epson's highly acclaimed, high-performance PrecisionCore printhead to run the following tests.
【Video】Ink Discharge Test : Reproducing the printing process for mass-production
Ink ejection test of a single-sided FPC P-Flex® manufacturing process Replicating the printing process of a mass production line. Here's a video.
【Video】Haptic Feedback: DRUMPAD
The DRUMPAD was born as a musical instrument that touches the sound. We're also using a large transparent touch sensor, P-Flex to help us get the job done.
Machinery – Automatic Plating Line
【装置紹介】めっきプロセス 自動処理ライン
Machinery - Automatic Plating Line : The production line measures 10 meters, and a copper layer is formed over the silver ink circuit printed on the circuit board.