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[Interview] What is a new sample?
The most significant feature is that this sample uses electrolytic gold plating. What has changed significantly with the adoption of electrolytic gold plating is that the thickness of the gold plating is much thicker than that of electroless gold plating.
【Press Release】Elephantech Announces Launch of P-Flex® PI Utilizing Laser Ablation and Inkjet Technologies
Elephantech Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has started production of P-Flex® PI utilizing laser ablation and inkjet technologies on May 13th.
P-Flex® Flexible Circuits mounted with a QFP
エレファンテック 実装 フレキシブル基板 ポリイミド
This mounted sample circuit board (polyimide substrate) is formed in a pattern that allows the mounting of a 0.5mm Pitch QFP, enabling connections to FPC Connectors and making it suitable for use in a flexible variety of use cases.