【Press Release】Elephantech Announces Launch of P-Flex® PI Utilizing Laser Ablation and Inkjet Technologies

Elephantech Inc. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shinya Shimizu, hereinafter “Elephantech”) is pleased to announce that the company has started production of P-Flex® PI utilizing laser ablation and inkjet technologies on May 13th.

Elephantech’s flex PCB production process mainly consists of the following 3 stages,

  1. Inkjet printing of Ag nano particles
  2. Laser ablation to remove unnecessary parts of the printed Ag
  3. Addition of a copper electroless plating onto the Ag layer

Although laser ablation has long been considered as a potential means to achieve finer line spacing in flex PCBs, there had been question marks over its suitability for mass production due to its long processing time. However, with its high accuracy inkjet printing technologies, Elephantech has succeeded in overcoming this issue by using inkjet printing to reduce the laser processing area, achieving finely patterned flex PCBs while maintaining the advantages of being mold-less. 
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