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The future of electronics:Shifting from “dissolving unnecessary parts” to “printing onto necessary parts”
Shifting from 'dissolving unnecessary parts' to 'printing onto necessary parts' and Contributing to the SDGs’ following goals.
NHK WORLD-JAPAN News Broadcast(Summary)
NHK WORLD-JAPAN News Broadcast(Summary): New Tech Helps Construction Industry
Message from the CEO
Here is a message from our CEO, Shinya Shimizu. He would like to share with you his passionate vision of the kind of company he wants Elephantech to be and the direction the company should take.
NHK WORLD-JAPAN News Broadcast
The contents of an interview the NHK International Broadcasting Station had with us has been broadcast in English on the NHK WORLD-JAPAN News.
Our Mission:Making the world sustainable with new manufacturing technologies
Our Mission : Making the world sustainable with new manufacturing technologies
Features of the Flexible Substrate P-Flex®
片面フレキシブル基板 P-Flex
P-Flex® is a single-sided flex PCB manufactured using the Pure Additive™ method.