Environmentally Friendly, Proprietary Technologies
Under the company’s mission of making the world sustainable with new manufacturing technologies, Elephantech will continue to strive to reduce CO2 emissions, water consumption, and toxic substance emissions.
Our Sustainability
【Video】Elephantech’s P-Flex Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Process

We've just released an introductory video showcasing the manufacturing process of Elephantech's revolutionary P-Flex printed circuit boards using our proprietary technique. In just 2 minutes and 15 seconds, you'll get an inside look at the production line and the entire manufacturing process of P-Flex.

About Elephantech

Elephantech Inc. is a startup that has achieved a significant milestone in the field of PCB manufacturing, by becoming the first company in the world to successfully manufacture PCBs using metal inkjet printing.

With the mission of “Making the world sustainable with new manufacturing technologies”, Elephantech provides their innovative inkjet printing solutions to promote their manufacturing method as the new global standard.

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