About Us

Elephantech Inc. (formerly known as AgIC) is an entrepreneurial venture that specializes in developing flexible printed wiring board (“PWB”) manufacturing technology that utilizes inkjet printing and copper plating.

We provide a novel small-to-medium-volume manufacturing service that reduces the cost of prototyping FPC flexible PWBs by 80% with shorter lead time, along with an engineering support service that can accelerate product prototyping and development processes at an extraordinary pace, for various customer needs. Recently, more flexible PWBs have been adopted instead of conventional rigid PWBs and wire harnesses in order to achieve lighter weight and more compact design as well as reduce the number of components to be mounted. In accordance with this trend, the use of Elephantech's printed flexible PWBs is becoming widespread for applications where ordinary flexible PWBs cannot be used, as our customers enjoy the benefit of being able to save the cost of dies, reduce overall production costs, and achieve shorter lead time.

Manufacturing processes

We have simplified the processes to manufacture circuits at much lower costs.



P-Flex™ is a flexible PWB manufactured by Pure Additive Processing™, which prints metal only onto the required areas using inkjet printing and enlarging the printed metal by applying plating technology

We have simplified the processes to manufacture PWBs at significantly lower cost.



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Historical Products

We used to offer various products and services with another ink until July 2017. Here is a collection of these discontinued products and services.

These products below are unavailable.

Technical support of these products will also end at the end of 2017. Meanwhile, please contact us at hello_en@elephantech.co.jp.

Printer & Marker

Elephantech started with a printer which prints silver ink on paper. Then the same technology was applied to a marker that you can draw circuits on paper with.


Printing and drawing circuits are great, but you need various components at the end. Our next challenge was to build the environment, so we designed some kits.

Manufacturing Service

It was a big decision to focus on the industrial services. Improving the quality to spread our circuit printing technology requires customized facilities, which led us to build our own factory and offer a PCB manufacturing service.