We simplify the flex PCB manufacturing process
with Pure Additive™ processing

Features of the Flexible Substrate P-Flex™

Flex PCB

P-Flex™ is a single-sided flex PCB manufactured using the Pure Additive™ method.

Conventionally, electronic circuits have been manufactured by applying a method known as lithography, in which a thin metallic sheet is first applied to the board surface, and then unrequired sections are melted away.

The novel approach to electronic circuit production that Elephantech has developed -- called Pure Additive™ processing -- is based on a totally opposite concept to the conventional method. In this innovative manufacturing method, metallic nano particles are printed only onto the required areas of the board surface, and then electroless plating technology is applied to grow the metal, providing the benefits shown on the below.

Lead Time Shortened

  • Widely backed up with standard specifications shipped/developed 3 days after data issue.
  • Because the manufacturing schedule is short, early delivery of mass produced parts is supported.

Total cost reduced

  • Cost from development time to mass production time greatly reduced.
  • Our factory has a monthly production capacity of 1000 m² and we can handle and support mass production.

Contribute to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

  • Since copper is only placed where it is needed, less than 30%* of material is used.
  • The shortening of the process allows for a drainage volume of less than 10%*

* According to our research


Product Development



Name Size Last updated
P-Flex™ for IME (In-Mold Electronics) 693.6 KB Sept. 5, 2019 Download
Biological electrode 532.3 KB Sept. 3, 2019 Download
Electrochemical sensors 436.3 KB Sept. 3, 2019 Download
P-Flex Brochure v5.2.1 1.5 MB Sept. 3, 2019 Download
Company Profile 1.2 MB Sept. 3, 2019 Download
P-Flex_PET Brochure v5.2.1 817.8 KB Sept. 3, 2019 Download
P-Flex_PI Brochure v5.2.1 828.4 KB Sept. 3, 2019 Download
P-Flex Specifications v5.2.1 1.1 MB July 30, 2019 Download
P-Flex Design Guideline v1.1.1 954.4 KB July 30, 2019 Download
P-Flex Inspection Specifications v1.0.0 134.2 KB Aug. 28, 2018 Download


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