We have added Xacti Corporation to our Mass Production Case Studies.

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P-Flex® has been adopted in the camera unit for the following safety camera systems:
・Safety camera system for heavy machinery【DOBORECO® Series】
・Safety camera system for forklift 【FOCRECO】

P-Flex® was adopted because it uses a polyimide base material that has excellent heat resistance and mechanical properties, as well as the flexibility needed for set integration. These properties enable a rapid start to mass production. The customer’s interest in the product’s low environmental impact also contributed to its selection.

Customer’s Voice: Why P-Flex® ?

We focused on this product as an environmentally friendly flexible substrate manufactured using a process that reduces the amount of waste water, and as a product that realizes sustainability.
In addition to the environmental considerations, we are also grateful for the flexible support we received in our product development process from prototype evaluation to mass production readiness, which played a big role in helping us achieve product delivery on schedule.

Mass Production Case Studies of Elephantech

Xacti Corporation
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