Announcing NeuralJet™: High-precision inkjet manufacturing technology using AI

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NeuralJet™ is a high-precision inkjet manufacturing technology achieved through advanced control techniques and AI. Rather than individually modeling the numerous error factors such as print operation errors, nozzle individuality, head assembly errors, and nozzle state changes, a single AI model absorbs them all. This enables high-precision ejection using general-purpose piezo chips while achieving a technical configuration suitable for mass production and widespread adoption.

Elephantech will start mass production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) using this technology from 2025, and will also expand into applications other than PCBs such as semiconductor post-processes and displays.

Filling φ40μm circular wells

3D imaging of φ40μm circular wells

Filling 40μm wide circular grooves

3D imaging of 40μm wide circular grooves
Key Feature 1: Ultra-high precision inkjet technology using general-purpose piezo chips

Using a proprietary printer with general-purpose piezo chips, extremely high printing accuracy has been achieved, such as "average drop position error of less than 2μm*1" and "100% drop landing of 20μm droplets into 40μm grooves and wells*2".

Key Feature 2: Integrated proprietary AI model that runs on local computing resources

Rather than modeling and solving individual errors, a proprietary integrated AI model models and absorbs all types of errors. By having AI learn and correct for process and assembly variations in MEMS and more, high accuracy is achieved while building a lightweight model that runs on local computing resources*3.

Key Feature 3: Fluid control and machine control optimized for easy AI modeling

Unlike the previous paradigm of "achieving absolute accuracy", fluid control and machine control optimized for "ease of AI modeling" enable high accuracy with a lightweight model.

Key Feature 4: Practical manufacturing system backed by mass production experience

Leveraging the experience of being the only company in the world*4 to successfully mass-produce PCBs using inkjet printing of metal nanoparticle ink, a practical manufacturing system usable in mass production sites has been built.

*1: Average drop landing error of 1.74μm (validation set not used for learning) for 643 droplets randomly placed within an 80mm square work.
*2: 2596 points of 4.8pL droplets ejected into 40μm wide grooves with no adhesion outside the grooves.
*3: GPU etc. corresponding to equipment scale required.
*4: Elephantech research, as of announcement date.

For more details, please refer to this(PDF).

Future developments and contact information

This technology is fully scalable from prototyping to mass production. The development equipment NeuralJet™ L is already operational in our lab, and the production equipment NeuralJet™ P is scheduled to start operation from April 2025. In parallel, we will also develop custom manufacturing processes using this technology for semiconductor post-processes, displays, and more. If you are interested, please contact our Solutions Sales Department.

Company Overview

Name Elephantech Inc.
Establishment January 2014
Headquarters 4-3-8 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032, Japan
Representative Shinya Shimizu, Representative Director & CEO
Business Description Development of printed electronics manufacturing technology and provision of related services

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