【Press Release】Announcing the Development and Evaluation of Inkjet Processes for Nickel Electrodes and Wiring

Elephantech Inc. is pleased to announce that, in collaboration with SSTechno Inc. and the Osaka Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology, the company has begun development and evaluation of nickel nano inks for inkjet printing.

The project focuses on studying inkjet printhead compatible Ni nano ink compositions and sintering conditions for ensuring conductivity after printing. Elephantech will continue to expand the variety of metal ink types the company handles to promote further the use and application of inkjet technologies in an ever-growing number of fields, including electronic component manufacturing processes.

Niインクをバーコート塗布し無電解Cuめっきで積層したサンプルの断面Cross-section of a sample with bar-coated Ni ink laminated by electroless Cu plating

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