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【Video】Elephantech CEO presentation
Elephantech CEO presentation
Shinya Shimizu, the CEO of Elephantech, explains Elephantech's mission, technology, and strategy.
【Ink Discharge Evaluation Service blog : 2】Video presentation of Epson’s inkjet machine for R&D purposes.
Here is an overview of Epson’s inkjet machine for R&D purposes used for our Ink Discharge Evaluation Service.
【Video】Ink Discharge Test : Reproducing the printing process for mass-production
Ink ejection test of a single-sided FPC P-Flex® manufacturing process Replicating the printing process of a mass production line. Here's a video.
【Video】Three-dimensional molded circuit components : IMPC® (In-Mold Printed Circuit)
IMPC (In-Mold Printed Circuit) is a type of IME technology where an inkjet-printed circuit film is given a three-dimensional form and integrally molded with various plastic resins. Here's an informative video on IMPC.
【Video】Haptic Feedback: DRUMPAD
The DRUMPAD was born as a musical instrument that touches the sound. We're also using a large transparent touch sensor, P-Flex to help us get the job done.
【Video】The capacitive touch sensor electrode and how they are manufactured
Here's an informative video on transparent touch sensors and how they are manufactured.
Machinery – Automatic Plating Line
【装置紹介】めっきプロセス 自動処理ライン
Machinery - Automatic Plating Line : The production line measures 10 meters, and a copper layer is formed over the silver ink circuit printed on the circuit board.
P-Flex® for IMPC® (In-Mold Printed Circuit)
IMPC® (In-Mold Printed Circuit) is a technology for integral molding to form three-dimensional molded film which electronic circuit was drawn on and resin.