【Video】Haptic Feedback: DRUMPAD

Haptics is a technology that causes the sensation that you are touching something else by giving it vibrations. It’s also known as tactile feedback.
While doing this research, the DRUMPAD was born as a kind of half-play.

(1)What are the features of DRUMPAD?

The DRUMPAD was born as a “musical instrument that touches the sound”. We’re also using a large transparent touch sensor, P-Flex, to help us get the job done.

The reason for combining touch sensors with haptics is that when a switch is made with a touch sensor, there is no “on/off” feedback, so it is necessary to provide feedback in a variety of ways.

The method of giving feedback by conveying vibrations is called “haptics”. This is the DRUMPAD that was created during this research.

(2)What can DRUMPAD be applied to?

DRUMPAD’s haptic feedback can be applied to vibrate the “feel” of a switch using a touch sensor.

The DRUMPAD can be installed on the wall of your house or car and all the switches can be used as touch sensors to create a neat house or car interior.

From the video

The DRUMPAD is an instrument made with Elephantech’s P-Flex.

You can enjoy 12 different types of sounds by tactile sensation.


Our transparent touch sensors (P-Flex) are easy to touch and have a high degree of transparency.


An applied form of haptics research which focuses on transmitting tactile sensations to people through vibrations.