【Video】The capacitive touch sensor electrode and how they are manufactured

The capacitive touch sensor electrode
The capacitive touch sensor electrode

Here’s an informative video on transparent touch sensors and how they are manufactured.
・Uses transparent soldermask allowing for permeability in all but the wiring (additional fees apply)
・Electronic circuits are formed on top of PET film by Additive Manufacturing that utilizes inkjet printing.
・Flexible light-transmissive touch sensors can be made by combining PEDOT:PSS, a flexible and transparent conductive material.
・No initial cost and can be produced in any shape and design
・Space-saving is possible as parts such as LEDs can be mounted
・The connector to the main board utilizes the technological know-how accrued from the development of our own custom flat cable

From the video

【Printing】Printing with a prototype equipped with an inkjet head similar to the mass production line.

【Plating】A process in which a copper layer is formed over the silver ink.

【Open/short test】We use an equipment called the flying probe to conduct our open/short tests.

【silk screen printing】

【Cutting】A process in which a circuit is cut out from a rectangular film substrate in a specified shape.

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