【Press Release】Elephantech raises 1.8 billion JPY, establishing large mass-production and research complex

Having succeeded in commercializing electronic circuit board manufacturing technologies using inkjet printing, Elephantech Inc. (hereinafter “Elephantech”) has raised 1.8 billion JPY. The funds were raised from a total of 9 companies comprising of companies Seiko Epson Corporation (hereinafter “Seiko Epson”), Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (hereinafter “Mitsui Chemicals”), SUMITOMO CORPORATION, TAKAHATA PRECISION Co., LTD., JA MITSUI LEASING, LTD., CBC Co.,Ltd., Yui Capital Partners co.,Ltd., MMC Innovation Investment Limited Partnership and O2 Inc. with Seiko Epson Corporation being the lead investor. Of the funds raised, approximately 800 million JPY will be invested in the establishment of a large mass-production and research complex, realizing the world’s first mass-production of inkjet-printed electronic circuit boards.


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