[Inkjet Lab Vol.2] Printing and analyzing liquids you can find at home!

Hello everyone, this is Mai!
My work involves using the EPSON inkjet machine for R&D to conduct experiments and ink evaluations.

When hearing the word “inkjet machine”, you might imagine a machine that requires specialized ink cartridges for printing. That isn’t the case for this inkjet machine for R&D as it can print with even standard ink just as long as it complies with certain conditions such as viscosity.This means that we can even use liquid household items such as lemon juice or soy sauce for printing!
Wouldn’t it be fun if we could print cute edible images onto our dishes when cooking?

I’m really looking forward to running these experiments on printing materials we can find at home and analyzing the results.
Printing lemon juice onto litmus paper, or soy sauce onto fried eggs, or printing cleaning products that will only remove dirt in specific patterns, or… What’s that I hear? Where’s the analysis, you say? Don’t you worry about that, I plan to analyze salinity and stuff and print out the perfect balance of flavor!!

Printing and analyzing liquids you can find at home!

Desperate to know more about the inkjet machine for R&D, I’m currently studying up on everything related to inkjet printing.

Coming from a biology background, there’s so much I have yet to learn about inkjet printing… Come to think of it, it feels like I spent my university years doing nothing but PCRs… And of course, when I hear “capillary action”, all I think about are blood vessels…

Anyway, whenever I’m having trouble, Mr Saito, our hero and inkjet specialist, always has my back. With the help of Mr Saito, I’m looking forward to becoming truly knowledgeable about inkjet machines.
I’m also thinking about starting a blog series in which Mr Saito solves the questions I may have as a novice, so watch this space!

Upcoming experiments

Printing lemon juice
●Let’s try printing lemon juice onto litmus paper!
●What’s the volume for each droplet?
●What volume of lemon juice provides the best flavor?
●Ink discharge evaluation results

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