【Ink Discharge Evaluation Service blog : 3】Introducing the Personnel Behind Elephantech’s Inkjet Technology

 This is Saito, in charge of all inkjet technologies at Elephantech’s Additive Manufacturing Center (“AMC”).

Inkjet Engineer (saito)

I feel fortunate to have joined Elephantech since April 1 of this year.
I count DIY as one of my hobbies and, believing that with the right tools I can make anything I want that is man-made, I have so far made shelves, shoe storage boxes, bicycle sheds and the like for my home. It’s that way of thinking that made me feel enthusiastic about the idea of joining Elephantech on their mission to build a new way of making. I am excited by the idea of being involved with the development of new Additive Manufacturing (“AM”) technologies and driving forward an environmentally friendly manufacturing.

I was already involved with inkjet technologies and would frequently attend events and seminars organized by the Imaging Society of Japan in order to deepen my understanding of IJ technologies. In fact, it was on the occasion of such an event that I visited Elephantech.Although there is advanced research on how to use inkjet technologies in the manufacturing process, there are only a few cases that have reached the stage of mass production. Taking this into account, it was striking how everyone attending the event seemed impressed by how Elephantech’s approach was unique, the production efficient, and how they found it all very interesting. I was similarly struck, and sought to use the inkjet-related knowledge that I had gained up to that point for Elephantech.

I have been working on inkjet technologies for over 10 years. Constantly learning from the experiences and achievements of my seniors, I myself have accumulated a considerable amount of experience.How does the ink get discharged from the inkjet head? What kind of waveform will allow the ink to be discharged in a clean and efficient manner? How can the vibration be suppressed in order to discharge at a high frequency? If any such question arises, please feel free to contact me.

Ink flying image(Example)

Inkjet technology is a technology that can accurately and rapidly separate minute amounts from a set of liquids at a very high frequency.It could be said that it is thanks to the advancement of this technology that we are now able to print high quality photographs at home. While inkjet technologies were developed to print texts and photographs onto paper, in recent years the technology has expanded into the new wave of manufacturing as exemplified by the 3D printer. As you may know, this movement is now a global trend.We believe that developing AM technolgies alone will be limiting and that we need to work along with many other companies. We would be absolutely delighted to hear from likeminded people. Let us build a sustainable future together.

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