“List of Inks for Inkjet” Page is Updated!

Replaced “List of Silver Nanoparticle Inks for Inkjet” on the List of Inks for Inkjet page.

About “List of Inks for Inkjet” Page

Elephantech provides inkjet technology support services with the hopes to build long-term partnerships with companies aiming to achieve inkjet manufacturing. One such service is this Inkjet Ink List which collects information that each metal nanoparticle ink maker has published on the internet.
The list serves the following purposes:

  • Provide a summary of metal nanoparticle inks, removing the need to search each ink maker’s website individually.
  • Help inkjet product and process planning by allowing users to visualize the performance they will get from using each company’s ink.
  • May be of use as a reference point when applying inkjet technologies to new fields such as printed electronics, fine line formation, high frequency circuits, semiconductor bonding, nanoimprinting, 3D circuits, and 3D printing.

We hope this list serves to advance inkjet manufacturing.

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