【Press Release】Joint Development with NICCA CHEMICAL of “Neochromato Process” Polyester Fabric Discharge Printing Technology for Zero-Waste Fashion

Elephantech Inc. is pleased to announce the joint development with NICCA CHEMICAL CO., LTD. of the “Neochromato process” polyester fabric discharge printing technology with the aim of achieving zero-waste in fashion textile.
“Neochromato process” enables to easily remove the dyes without using water and re-dye or put new printing again on the fabric to revive the value with different design.


Elephantech Inc. is a start-up that manufactures and sells Flex PCB that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner by utilizing inkjet printing and copper plating under the mission of ”Making the world sustainable with new manufacturing technologies“.

Moving forward, we will work not only on Flex PCB manufacturing but also on printing a wide variety of functions such as 3D wiring formation or sensor production through a method in which digital data is used to layer various materials only on necessary parts.

We will realize a sustainable future by spreading our environmentally friendly technology that has been optimized by digital technologies.


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