May 7, 2020
Elephantech Inc.

Announcing Launch of Ink Discharge Evaluation Service

Elephantech Inc. (head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shinya Shimizu, hereinafter “Elephantech”) manufactures P-Flex®, a Flex PCB that can be produced with inkjet printing, which significantly reduces environmental burden following our mission of “Making the world sustainable with new manufacturing technologies”. Elephantech has started an ink discharge evaluation service for inkjet printing inks.

By utilizing inkjet printing technologies to only print metal nano ink onto sections where it is required, Elephantech has reduced the environmental impact of its manufacturing method and is readying itself for mass-production. Furthermore, with additive manufacturing technologies becoming increasingly common across the globe, we believe there is value in further developing inkjet printing technologies which have the benefits of lower environmental impact, digital compatibility and a high degree of modeling freedom. To this end, Elephantech will make use of the inkjet printing technologies it has accumulated thus far to bring inkjet printing to a broader range of applications. As our first step in this endeavor, we have launched our ink discharge evaluation service and will provide technical support to many companies from a wide range of fields.

The service provides a rapid evaluation of ink performance for inkjet printing. From receiving the ink to evaluating its discharge and writing up a report, Elephantech provides a one-stop solution. The service is ideal for those looking for a specialist's opinion on ink discharge or to test newly developed ink. Feel free to apply for our ink discharge evaluation service.


Company Overview

Name Elephantech Inc.
Representative Shinya Shimizu, CEO
Establishment January 2014
Capital JPY 310 million
Address 4-3-8 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032, Japan

(As of May 7, 2020)