November 28, 2019
Elephantech Inc.

Changes to our Outside Directors

Elephantech Inc. (CEO Shinya Shimizu) has, as of November 18, 2019, made the following changes to its Outside Directors.


Name New positions Principal affiliation
Masaki Onuma Non-executive Director INCJ, Ltd.


Name Old positions Principal affiliation
Shinji Ohshige Non-executive Director INCJ, Ltd.
Tsuyoshi Ito Non-executive Director Beyond Next Ventures

As a result of these changes, our Board of Directors will take on the following structure.

Name Positions Principal affiliation
Shinya Shimizu Co-founder & CEO -
Masaaki Sugimoto Co-founder & SVP -
Tomihisa Kamada Non-executive Director TomyK Ltd.
Masaki Onuma Non-executive Director INCJ, Ltd.
Kengo Ueha Non-executive Auditor Beyond Next Ventures

Overview of Companies

Name Elephantech Inc.
Establishment January 2014
Address 4-3-8 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Capital JPY 1.281 billion
Main business Development and servicing of production technologies for printed electronics
No. of employees 26

(As of November, 2019)