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Under the company’s mission of making the world sustainable with new manufacturing technologies, Elephantech will continue to strive to reduce CO2 emissions, water consumption, and toxic substance emissions.
Our Sustainability
【Press Release】Announcing NeuralJet™: High-precision inkjet manufacturing technology using AI

NeuralJet™ is a high-precision inkjet manufacturing technology achieved through advanced control techniques and AI. Rather than individually modeling the numerous error factors such as print operation errors, nozzle individuality, head assembly errors, and nozzle state changes, a single AI model absorbs them all. This enables high-precision ejection using general-purpose piezo chips while achieving a technical configuration suitable for mass production and widespread adoption.

Elephantech will start mass production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) using this technology from 2025, and will also expand into applications other than PCBs such as semiconductor post-processes and displays.

About Elephantech

Elephantech Inc. is a startup that has achieved a significant milestone in the field of PCB manufacturing, by becoming the first company in the world to successfully manufacture PCBs using metal inkjet printing.

With the mission of “Making the world sustainable with new manufacturing technologies”, Elephantech provides their innovative inkjet printing solutions to promote their manufacturing method as the new global standard.

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