【Video】Three-dimensional molded circuit components : IMPC® (In-Mold Printed Circuit)

IMPC® is a technology for molding films with electronic circuits drawn on them in three dimensions and integrating them with resin through injection molding. Circuit formation by inkjet printing can shorten the lead time for prototyping, and mechanical elements can be designed as a single unit in a short period of time. It contributes to the reduction of the number of parts, thinning and weight reduction.

Here’s an informative video on IMPC® (In-Mold Printed Circuit).

From the video

Circuits are printed onto a flat film before being formed in a three-dimensional structure.

Electronic devices can be soldered onto copper circuits.

By integrating the circuit board in a resin component, IMPC® eliminates the need for a separate housing.

Circuit formation by inkjet can shorten prototype lead times and contribute to the improvement of product design.

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