P-Flex® 5 “P” of transparent capacitive touch sensor electrodes

The PEDOT transparent touch sensor benefits from the transparent soldermask of theFlexible PCB P-Flex® PET and can be made in any shape or design. The sensor is suitable for applications such as capacitive switches where thinness and design are important.


About the five “P‘s” that are characteristics.

1. PET
Transparent 50um/125um Thick PET Substrate
Can be created with free shapes and designs such as curved surfaces
By applying transparent conductive ink to the touch part instead of Cu, LED lighting is possible through the transparent electrode.


3. Protection layer
Transparent soldermask by inkjet printing
4. Paste
Available pasting transparent double-sided tape to the sensor board to attach it to the housing

5. Pure Additive
Fully mold less production of P-Flex®features is possible

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