The origin of the company name

We founded AgIC Inc. in 2014 with hopes of revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with our printed electronics technologies. However, our technology wasn’t quite there yet for industrial purposes and we developed our business mostly around educational and leisure use cases.

But then 2017 came along, bringing with it several technological innovations that enabled us to manufacture flexible PCBs that were perfectly suitable for industrial use, allowing us to pivot with our core business. At present, we are called on for prototypes by manufacturers from various industries ranging from automotive to home appliances and even building materials, while some manufacturers have gone as far as incorporating our work into their final products.

This direction of industrial manufacturing that we were taking with our core business pushed us to change our company’s name in September 2017 as a means to renew our brand image while maintaining AgIC as a brand name for educational and hobby use cases.

The origin of the company name

The company name “Elephantech” is a combination of “Elephant” and “Technology”.

With their ability to “overcome all obstacles”, in some cultures elephants are seen as a symbol of business and wealth. This nicely complements our strong desire to “accumulate knowledge and overcome all obstacles in our quest to continuously develop cutting edge technologies”.

At the same time, foreseeing a future global expansion of our business, we wanted to use a well-known animal’s name so that it would be easily memorable regardless of the target market’s language. Another hidden message in our company name is our wish for every employee to be able to have fun working on developing new technologies in the field of electronics, for them to be able to consider the company as Ele-“FUN”-tech.