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JVA2021 Award Ceremony: A short speech by our CEO, Shinya Shimizu.
Here is a short speech from our CEO, Shinya Shimizu, at the "Japan Venture Awards 2021" ceremony held on March 1.
We’ve updated a brochure for P-Flex® (As of May 14,2000)
The brochure of P-Flex®, a single-sided flexible substrate, has been updated. (As of May 14,2000) It may be downloaded from our website.
Shifting from “dissolving unnecessary parts” to “printing onto necessary parts”
The world's first practical application using printing technology. Print the metal you need . There's no waste.
The future of electronics:Shifting from “dissolving unnecessary parts” to “printing onto necessary parts”
Shifting from 'dissolving unnecessary parts' to 'printing onto necessary parts' and Contributing to the SDGs’ following goals.
NHK WORLD-JAPAN News Broadcast(Summary)
NHK WORLD-JAPAN News Broadcast(Summary): New Tech Helps Construction Industry
Manufacturing process based on the Pure Additive™ Processing
Elephantech's Pure Additive Processing is an environmentally friendly production method of flex PCBs with a greatly reduced drainage volume.
NHK WORLD-JAPAN News Broadcast
The contents of an interview the NHK International Broadcasting Station had with us has been broadcast in English on the NHK WORLD-JAPAN News.