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【Ink Discharge Evaluation Service blog : 3】Introducing the Personnel Behind Elephantech’s Inkjet Technology
How does the ink get discharged from the inkjet head? What kind of waveform will allow the ink to be discharged in a clean and efficient manner? If any such question arises, please feel free to contact me.
【Ink Discharge Evaluation Service blog : 2】Video presentation of Epson’s inkjet machine for R&D purposes.
Here is an overview of Epson’s inkjet machine for R&D purposes used for our Ink Discharge Evaluation Service.
【Ink Discharge Evaluation Service blog : 1】Inkjet characteristics and evaluation
Announcing Launch of Ink Discharge Evaluation Service
Elephantech has launched an inkjet characteristics evaluation service using Epson's highly acclaimed, high-performance PrecisionCore printhead to run the following tests.