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The next generation Flexible PCB P-Flex®
エレファンテック Features of the Flexible Substrate P-Flex®
P-Flex®, a new idea and next generation flexible circuit that is compatible with mass customization is being used even in places where flexible circuits could not be used before.
Flexible PCB P-Flex® is completely Tool-less!
Flexible PCB P-Flex® is manufactured using the pure additive processing, in which metal nanoparticles are ink-jet printed only on the parts necessary to create the circuit, and the circuit is completed by high-speed electroless copper plating.
P-Flex®Flex PCB mounted with a QFP
エレファンテック 実装 フレキシブル基板 ポリイミド
This mounted sample circuit board (polyimide substrate) is formed in a pattern that allows the mounting of a 0.5mm Pitch QFP, enabling connections to FPC Connectors and making it suitable for use in a flexible variety of use cases.
P-Flex® 5 “P” of transparent capacitive touch sensor electrodes
P-Flex® 5 “P” of transparent capacitive touch sensor electrodes ・PET ・PEDOT:PSS ・Protection layer ・Paste ・Pure Additive
Low moisture absorption – P-Flex® PET
Low moisture absorption P-Flex® PET has been evaluated in-house to comply with IPX-6 and may be used in environments prone to dripping water.
The CustomFlexible flat cable page has been released.
With inkjet patterning / photo mask and mold less manufacturing, various custom requests are acceptable. We can make cables of any shape and pin count according to your request regardless of quantity.
【Video】The capacitive touch sensor electrode and how they are manufactured
Here's an informative video on transparent touch sensors and how they are manufactured.
Manufacturing process based on the Pure Additive™ Processing
Elephantech's Pure Additive Processing is an environmentally friendly production method of flex PCBs with a greatly reduced drainage volume.