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Application Product Information:Ag/AgCl electrochemical sensor
An electrochemical sensor is a sensor that uses redox potential to determine the state of a product. We will introduce you to an electrochemical sensor made of P-Flex® PET, a flexible substrate.
We’ve updated a brochure for Ag/AgCl electrochemical sensor (As of August 31,2020)
Ag/AgCl electrochemical sensor
The brochure of Ag/AgCl electrochemical sensor has been updated. (As of August 31,2020)
Biosensor:Launch of the Additive Manufacturing Center (3)
This is an article about biosensors. Elephantech's 3-pole electrochemical sensor was tested for performance by connecting it to a DropSens potentiostat and found to be fully functional, etc.
Launch of the Additive Manufacturing Center (2)
Ag/AgCl 電気化学センサー
I'd like to follow up on my last post by mentioning that I noticed some key words that keep popping up in the research done by explorers who keep hacking home printers and trying different things!That key word is biosensors.