Myoelectric potential measurement by biomedical electrodes using silver/silver chloride electrodes

銀塩化銀電極を使った 生体電極

What we have prepared here is a set of sensors connected to our P-Flex🄬biomedical electrodes.
Biomedical electrodes are used to measure EMG, ECG, and EEG.
Here are ones we have coated with silver/silver chloride.

This is currently connected here, forming a + (plus), – (minus), and N electrode combination.
Let’s go ahead and take an EMG measurement.
If you take a look at the screen, you can see that it is in a relaxed state with no movements. When you move, you can see that there is a repetition of contraction and relaxation.
This is how our P-Flex🄬biomedical electrodes can be used to take EMG measurements.

銀塩化銀電極を使った 生体電極による筋電位測定