Elephantech Way – Our 9 cultures - 

The development of human civilization is on course to consume all resources on our planet. Once considered a “philanthropic activity”, reducing our environmental burden has become an urgent issue as, should we follow our current path, future generations will face a world in which the lack of resources make human survival impossible, regardless of the technologies we may possess.

Under such circumstances, Elephantech has set its mission to “Making the world sustainable with new manufacturing technologies” and will continue to exist to improve the world through the development of technologies that allow making things with vast reductions in environmental burden and workload.

Needless to say, it is no easy matter to develop new technologies that no one else has made, replace incumbent technologies and spread them across the world.We need to strengthen not only our technologies but also our organization itself by overcoming many failures.For that purpose, we have come up with the “Elephantech way” which defines our Code of Conduct in 9 parts.


Elephantech Way