Electrochemical sensor

We are developing application products that use flex PCB.

Electrochemical sensor
An electrochemical sensor is a sensor that can figure out the status by using redox potential.
for environmental and water quality analyses, measurement of the amount of copper, arsenic, and mercury and the like contained in the water.for measurement of the blood glucose level, lactic acid, urine sugar sensor, and glutamic acid etc as a transducer part of a biosensor etc…

Electrochemical sensor

Usually, the electrochemical sensor is manufactured only by silk screen printing. However, when it is combined with the 3 μm copper wiring of P-Flex🄬 PET;

  • Reduction of wiring resistance value.
  • Cost benefit compared to gold paste printing by making gold electrode with gold flash.
  • Because it is a PET base that doesn’t absorb water, it can reduce water absorption induced sensor sensitivity trouble, can also be used for flow cell and such.
  • Can be produced in small batches.

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