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“AMC(Additive Manufacturing Center)” Page is Updated!
Elephantech AMC(Additive Manufacturing Center)
We hope to accelerate the expansion of manufacturing possibilities to further expand the innovative additive manufacturing of inkjet technology and its social implementation.
“(Development Example) Multi-Functional IMPC® Sample” Page is now available!
エレファンテック IMPC® 複合機能サンプル
Introduction of Multi-Functional IMPC® Sample. IMPC integrates parts, functions, and design to achieve thinner products, fewer parts, lighter weight, and reduced assembly man-hours.
“(Development Example) IMPC® Microwell Plate with Electrochemical Sensor” Page is now available!
エレファンテック 電気化学センサー 付きIMPC® マイクロウェルプレート
The IMPC® Microwell Plate with Electrochemical Sensor is a medical sampling device with a fully integrated P-Flex® electrochemical sensor.
About the IMPC® (In-Mold Printed Circuit)
Wi-Fi Antenna
By integrating the resin and the circuitry, the design can be optimized over a wider area, resulting in various advantages such as weight, thickness and cost reductions.
“Latest innovations and techniques using IMPC®” page is now available.
At the IMPC LAB, our aim is to contribute to humanity and society by reinventing manufacturing through the use of next generation IME (In-Mold Electronics) technologies.
“IMPC® Solution” page is now available.
The IMPC🄬 (In-Mold Printed Circuit) solution is a design and manufacturing solution that integrates electronics and resin. It optimizes the entire component, which provides a variety of benefits such as weight reduction, thinning, and cost savings.
【Video】Three-dimensional molded circuit components : IMPC® (In-Mold Printed Circuit)
IMPC (In-Mold Printed Circuit) is a type of IME technology where an inkjet-printed circuit film is given a three-dimensional form and integrally molded with various plastic resins. Here's an informative video on IMPC.