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“(Development Example) Multi-Functional IMPC® Sample” Page is now available!
エレファンテック IMPC® 複合機能サンプル
Introduction of Multi-Functional IMPC® Sample. IMPC integrates parts, functions, and design to achieve thinner products, fewer parts, lighter weight, and reduced assembly man-hours.
“(Development Example) IMPC® Microwell Plate with Electrochemical Sensor” Page is now available!
エレファンテック 電気化学センサー 付きIMPC® マイクロウェルプレート
The IMPC® Microwell Plate with Electrochemical Sensor is a medical sampling device with a fully integrated P-Flex® electrochemical sensor.
About the IMPC® (In-Mold Printed Circuit)
Wi-Fi Antenna
By integrating the resin and the circuitry, the design can be optimized over a wider area, resulting in various advantages such as weight, thickness and cost reductions.
“Latest innovations and techniques using IMPC®” page is now available.
At the IMPC LAB, our aim is to contribute to humanity and society by reinventing manufacturing through the use of next generation IME (In-Mold Electronics) technologies.
“IMPC® Solution” page is now available.
The IMPC🄬 (In-Mold Printed Circuit) solution is a design and manufacturing solution that integrates electronics and resin. It optimizes the entire component, which provides a variety of benefits such as weight reduction, thinning, and cost savings.
【Video】Three-dimensional molded circuit components : IMPC® (In-Mold Printed Circuit)
IMPC (In-Mold Printed Circuit) is a type of IME technology where an inkjet-printed circuit film is given a three-dimensional form and integrally molded with various plastic resins. Here's an informative video on IMPC.